Many businesses believe they can become popular overnight with social media.  Frankly,

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We will help your business gain the social footprint that is needed to push your business forward.

it takes time to build an organic following, attract attention, create interesting content & get the social share going.  If you’re ready to make the first move into understanding the vast world of social media, maybe our consulting is for you.  Together we come up with a tactical plan to focus on your influencers, demographics, online analytics, strategic timeline and social advertising plan to ensure we meet your objectives and goals. Together we can execute a plan that will deliver proven results.

Strategic Planning by Paul Aitken, CEO – Top 1% of Facebook Marketers

Do you need one-on-one attention to understand the in’s and out’s of social media? Well then hop on board the express train to success. Founder and CEO Paul Aitken has years of experience in Social Media. It comes natural to Paul as he used his on “social system,” to grow his first business, the Party-Trolley.  Winner of the Entrepreneurial Challenge at the University of New Mexico, Paul has a proven track record for excellence in planning, marketing & implementation.

Our purpose is to ensure we deliver what we promise: RESULTS. There is no greater feeling that watching the growth of a company which entrusted you to grow their bottom line revenue by the means of Social Media. Want to experience this euphoria? Join Us! 

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